About Lindsay

Lindsay E Frost My creative inspiration flows directly from nature and the pure simple forms and rhythms that are inherent within the creative forces of the Earth and Universe. It is my intention to re-awaken the spirit and renew peoples consciousness and awareness to feel our innate connection to the creative forces within us and in nature: to bring honor, respect and sustainability to all conscious and sentient beings. - Lindsay E. Frost

Bringing Life to Wood

"I use only Kentucky wood from trees that have fallen due to disease or the progress of man. Nature is not symmetrical. I try to maintain the shape of the limb or trunk of the tree and give it a soft feeling, like the wood has been given new life, a life to once again please man as it once did as a tall and stately tree."

The Japanese Art of Embracing Damage When a bowl, or any piece, I am working on has a crack in it, I fill the crack with lichens from the tree, then seal it with a clear resin and sand it smooth. The Japanese have a centuries old art called Kintsugi. When a ceramic piece is broken, it is repaired with a lacquer resin to which powdered gold or silver has been added, then sanded smooth. Now the breakage and repair have become part of the history of an object, rather than something to disguise.

I repair the wood first. Kintsugi repairs the piece afterwards. Before or after, we are giving an item a second life. Imperfections make us unique.