Lindsay E Frost Unique Wood Carvings
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About Us

Welcome to My Website

I invite you to browse my unique and unusual line of nature's wood. I repurpose them to appeal to man. These pieces reflect our need to preserve the beauty nature has given us. Please view my galleries to see the inherent beauty that exists inside the wood. I open up a new world to you, the viewer, of what nature has created, yet has kept hidden. But if you look, you can see it.
About Us

Types of Wood

I use a variety of natural wood including but not limited to the following: Eastern Red Cedar, Cherry, Maple, Dogwood, and Hackberry. All of my wood bowls are finished with 5 coats of a food safe finish and sanded between coats. Any chemicals in the wood will not leach into the food and any food you put into the bowl will not stain the wood.
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My Wood Carvings

Each piece of wood has properties that determine what it wants to become. Its energy is what guides me. The wood might want to be a free standing sculpture, a mandala for your meditation or a container. Maybe you need a specific type of wood kitchen utensil. Did you have a tree planted for a person or event and something happened to the tree? Together we can give that special tree a new life and still retain the memory it was intended for.